Dear Dr.
On behalf of the Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology (KSThR), we thank you for attending the first International Teleconference of International Thyroid Nodule Working Group (ITNWG), during the AFSUMB 2018.
At the initiative of Dr. Franklin Tessler, ITNWG has been set up to foster international collaboration. We hope that ITNWG will be a successful platform to the field of ultrasound in medicine and biology.
At present, the discussants of the first international teleconference comprise member of international societies (ACR, ETA, ATA, KSThR and participants from various countries such as Chile, China, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, etc).
The schedule of the ITNWG teleconference is as follows:
Date & Time
May 24 (Thu.) 13:10~14:20 (Korean time)
205A, Coex
The tentative agenda is as the following:
1. Welcome and review teleconference protocol for participants
2. Introduction of participants
3. Discuss structure and responsibilities of formal steering group
4. Identify overall objective(s)
5. Identify sub-tasks (lexicon, online atlas, reporting template, others) and discuss how to assign people to address
6. Discuss need for and availability of resources from professional groups
7. Next steps
8. Adjourn
We thank you for your participation and look forward to having meaningful and fruitful discussion on the teleconference. Please take your time to attend the conference and share your insight and knowledge with the international societies.
Sincerely yours,
BAEK, Jung Hwan
President of Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology (KSThR)